So-Good Saturday

I'm supposed to be putting some finishing touches on a lesson I'm giving in church tomorrow, but as I was waiting for my special toast to be ready I kept thinking to myself, "Toast. Toast. Toast rhymes with blog post." And so here we are.

It all (all being Saturday . . . just Saturday) began at 7:02 this morning when my alarm went off, blasting Huey Lewis's classic The Power of Love. I leaped out of bed, ready to take on a ten mile run as a final preparation for next week's marathon. One thing led to another and next thing I knew, Jared was awake and I had somehow spent two hours scouring the internet for the perfect vintage swimsuit without so much as tying a shoe (because, well, Grenada).

The ten miler became a five miler and I rushed back for a training meeting for my church calling. Good thing I'm trying to use up five bottles of passionfruit body spray from when I was a tween, because there definitely was no time for a shower in that agenda. After said meeting, Jared and I packed up a couple boxes for our forthcoming move and then rushed to a nearby water park, anxious to use our season passes to their maximum water-sliding potential.

We went down exactly one water slide before retiring to a nice patch of grass to lounge on our inner tubes and read.

The next three hours of our day were spent eating hot dogs, smelling candles (it's our favorite activity--but really), and purchasing peach filler flowers for my Etsy shop. Jared loves going to Hobby Lobby with me because he's convinced that it's the place where people go to find a hobby? Yes. He likes the aisles with wood, paints, and leather. Shhh, nobody tell him it's a mom store.

Speaking of my Etsy shop, I'm going to fix it up and do a post all about it next week. But for now, it's called LavenderLark and you can visit it in its current state here. I'm all about corsages, boutonnieres, and bridal bouquets, but you already knew that.
I hope your Saturdays were lovely and that one of you will snag that gorgey bouquet!


  1. Whatttt? You have an Etsy shop?? Hmm. We may need to have a chat before you leave the country so you can tell me how all that junk works. Because, you know, I don't know how to use the internet or google or anything. Okay, that's not true, but I'd rather learn from you than from google ;)

  2. Yes! I just started it a few weeks ago so I don't know all the tricks yet, but I'm learning. My sister in law has a really successful Etsy shop and she gave me tons of tips on how to be successful. We should get together sometime this week so I can fill you in!



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