Jared and I have lived here since we got married almost a year ago. We went hard-core apartment hunting before we were even officially engaged, and somehow we wound up walking right into an opening at a place that we didn’t know existed. It was close to campus, un-ghetto, and it even had a dishwasher—and the rent was under $600! “Fate,” we said to each other. And fate it was. Even though it’s just a quaint apartment, we love this little place we call home.

Since we’ll be moving away in just a few short weeks, I decided that the ol’ blog would be a great dumping ground for pictures of this place. Oh, the memories! Stay tuned after these images for some sentimental I Spy!
IMG_1053 IMG_1059IMG_1056 IMG_1057IMG_1065 IMG_1067IMG_1069 IMG_1073IMG_1075 IMG_1085IMG_1090 IMG_1091IMG_1093 IMG_1097
I spy 5 glass bottles that Jared and I smuggled into the states from Germany, 3 souvenirs from our European honeymoon, 2 works of art that Jared and I painted when we first started dating, 1 birdcage veil that I wore on our wedding day, 1 rose that Jared bought for me pre-engagement when he dropped me off at my flower shop job, 1 training schedule for the Bear Lake marathon, 1 vase of dried wildflowers as a sampling of each time Jared has gone running in the mountains and brought me back a bouquet, 1 cuddly sea creature that I gave Jared on the night of our unofficial engagement (his name’s Tofeln . . . cuuuuuute), and 1 win for Laura in the ever-present background battle. Brownies for whoever can find them all!


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    1. Grrrrl, brownies be comin your way! I'm serious, I've got two weeks left in this joint, and you can expect brownies somewhere in that timespan :)

  2. Oh my goodness Laura. Your apartment is so cute! I love all the pics above the cupboards! We have to use that space for appliances, like crockpots and rice cookers, because we don't have enough cupboard space for those things. But I love it all! :)

    1. I want to see your place! Maybe we should do a craft day before i move or somesing.



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