Simpleton Pleasures Giveaway

I've always wanted to do a blog giveaway. 

Since we'll soon be moving to the Caribbean, where shipping is hundreds of dolla bills, I figured now would be a good time. 

So. I now present to you a giveaway of a few of this simpleton's simple pleasures.
1: Fudge Brownies. Jared often makes up a batch of these on Sunday afternoon.
The batch often mysteriously vanishes by Monday morning.

2: Bath and Body Works Leaves Candle: I consider myself to be a candle connoisseur. One of our favorite dates is to walk through the candle section of any store, cover each other's eyes, and guess the scent. This candle is our all-time favorite candle. We burned through a giant one in a month last fall, and we just got ourselves another to bring with us to Grenada. It's nectar and berries and spices and magic.

3: LavenderLark Ivy Hair Barrettes: These are real cute. You will enjoy the daintiness factor very much.

4: COCOA BUTTER: One of my very first blog posts highlighted my love for this product. Chocolate? Everywhere? I need a lifetime supply. So do you.

5: Peter Pan Collar Necklace (with matching earrings): This necklace turns any plain shirt into an adorable Peter Pan collar blouse. You can catch glimpses of me wearing my identical necklace in the video below.

And on that note, I feel like this video needs an explanation. I was going to use it to introduce each of the giveaway products, but I quickly discovered that my camera is only recording in low quality six-second segments right now. Needless to say, it's purely for entertainment purposes at this point.

This giveaway is hosted through Rafflecopter. The only mandatory entry is to publicly follow this blog on Bloglovin or by clicking the "join this site" button on the right. If you would like to increase your chances at winning, there are additional entries available. These options are explained when you click on them in the Rafflecopter.

The giveaway ends this Sunday, June 22, at midnight. The winner will be announced on Monday. For the sake of shipping, please enter this giveaway only if you are a resident of the United States or Canada. Good luck!

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  1. Here's the thing: I spent months wondering if and when those necklaces were ever going to go anywhere other than that lil boutique. They're cute but NOBODY ever picked them up. Not sure why? Anyway, I'm entering this for the brownies brownies.

    1. Ha! I love that you noticed! I hope all my campus floral friends will recognize that necklace. I'm guessing nobody ever bought them because they were, oh, $30 a piece! BYU is for cheapskates. It just wasn't happening. I've kept some connections there, so I got them for free. Score :)

  2. Just make sure you keep writing when you move! And post pictures! Lots of pictures!

  3. Oooh how fun! :) I like me some good giveaways ;)

  4. I need that necklace. Like bad. Also I am looking forward to your new horizons, missy!

  5. First. Your blog is amazing. Second, why weren't we best friends? You are so awesome, and now i am sad you are moving. PS. I really dig those clips

  6. First. Your blog is amazing. Second, why weren't we best friends? You are so awesome, and now i am sad you are moving. PS. I really dig those clips

  7. I love your hair in the video! So cute. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  8. My future love and I will definitely be doing candle dates. Also, your nails are looking pretty snazzy in the video!



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