Some Reasons He's Great

(1) He throws me surprise birthday parties (wherein my parents gift me my dream camera--thanks parents!)

(2) He has really nice hair--the swoosh is all natural

(3) He only has one camera face, and it's fantastic


  1. That is a fantastic camera face indeed. And happy birthday!! Do I remember Facebook telling me it was last week? I'm truly sorry that this is my method for guessing your date of birth, but I cannot tell a lie and pretend that I knew it all along.

    In other news, I love your new blog look. That header font is amazeballs.

    1. Wul thanks! Ya, it was last week. I'm impressed you remembered the Facebook reminder. Good eye!

  2. Replies
    1. The Canon Rebel t3i. I found an irresistible deal for it and my mom was all like, "Ya, that's irresistible." It's so fun!



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