The Background Battle

Jared and I have waged an unspoken war since we got married.

I usually set the background on our desktop computer to something beautiful like one of our wedding photos or the coast of Italy. (I'm employing subconscious-level brainwashing techniques so that one day a couple decades down the road he’ll  wake up with an insatiable urge to drug me in my sleep [is that even a thing?] and take me to Verona.)

These nice pictures usually last 2-3 days before Jared notices and changes the background to a picture of his choosing. Usually these are pictures of things like my back pockets or my lips, which can make things awkward when we have company over. Also, I have no idea where he even gets these pictures half the time.

DSCN0391 DSC03107

So, I’m retaliating. We’ll probably be having some neighbors over in the coming weeks, and I’m not going to let him off easy. Should I go with the picture of sweepy widdle Jawed snuggling up to an adorable stuffed octopus, or a picture of punk teenage Jared that I found on Facebook? Choices, choices . . .

jawed 15367_1285744148464_4454942_n

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