Three Dozen Legs

Two things, y'all:

(1) I graduated from college! The following photo perfectly sums up my feelings about the matter 
and Jared's feelings about the matter:
Jared's all like, "Yeah baby, my wife's gon' start cooking me dinners again."
And I'm all like, "Oh stank, the next step in life is to have babies. Lots and lots of babies. Babies everywhere."

(2) Jared and I took a celebratory trip to Las Vegas because Jared was convinced that it was a thing I should experience at some point, and also because our luxury hotel room cost $25. The following photo perfectly sums up both of our feelings about the matter:

We are ecstatic to be here, where the weather is warmer and the yogurt is frozener. And don't you worry, we've been sticking to family-friendly activities like lounging by the pool and stuffing our faces at the all-you-can-eat-Vegas-style buffet. GUYS. SO MANY CRAB LEGS UP IN THIS PIECE. We skipped the cheap filling breads and loaded up on seafood and cow.

If you are going to Vegas anytime soon, we would recommend the Aria buffet during lunchtime. It was about $20-25 a person, but I'm convinced that we each ate twice that amount in crab legs alone. Nearly three dozen crab legs, people. THREE DOZEN. Between us, of course. (I'd recommend pacing yourself somewhat more than we did though, considering that we nearly lost those legs and felt extremely sea-sick during the twenty minutes following the meal.) Also, we basically skipped the next two meals so we convinced ourselves that the fancy buffet was like a fantastic way to save money.

You all keep staying happy, and we'll keep getting tanner. Oh, Vegas. Thank you for being a perfect 80 degrees.

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  1. Lolz for this post, especially the babies line. Congratulations!! And have a happy trip in that rockin steal-of-a-deal room. Based on my blog-stalking during your college years, you've definitely earned it.



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