Things that make me feel like myself:


 Playing with flowers

 Smoothies (plus protein powder when I'm feeling like a poser)

₪ Little Brudda. Oh, how I miss my Jordy!

 Regular scripture study

 Warm weather (does any Utahan not suffer from seasonal sadness in January???)

 Adventures with Jared

 Chillin' out max and relaxin' all cool and all studyin' my brains out inside of the library

 Ponder time in the mountains

Recently I've been all like, "Maaaaaan, I don't feel like myself."

And then I had an epiphany--

Think of the things that make you feel like yourself. Then make as many of those things happen as you can. Then you will feel more like yourself.

And now for my self-motivating message of the day: I canz college. I CANZ!!!

And next year . . . the tropics.

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  1. Good point. And yes, you can do this whole college thing! Look on the bright side, you don't have to pick out housing for the fall (kill me now). Seriously Laura, you are the greatest!! If you can eat a raw onion, or have the guts to shave your eyebrows, you can get through this semester.



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