Halloween, I'm Judging You

Halloween began with some quality library time and locker candy for lunch.

This is the point at which I thought, "Hey. I have cute Halloween decorations. How have I not even planned for Halloween candy? CANDY??!? WHY NONE????" Locker candy is not greater than OR equal to Halloween candy.

I promptly left the library to go buy Oreos, cream cheese, almond bark, and food coloring. You know where this is going. Oreo truffles indeed. Jared is addicted to Oreos but had never tried the tasty little monsters, so I whipped some up. I'l give you the recipe later or something because ladies, these bring the boys to the yard. My freshman friends who taught me the knowledge know.
Upon arriving home, Jared bi-passed the truffles and brewing wassail and made a beeline to the bed for a two-hour nap. This was great, except that I had plans that involved people-watching on UVU campus (I love hanging out on other campuses--and I know how to party), which was sure to be void of any costume-donning lifeforms if we waited much longer. But I had kept the poor boy up late with my teary female time-of-month antics and he gets up gross-early for work, so I let him be, let him be-ee, let him be, let him be-e-e. Eventually, someone got antsy and accidentally woke him up with loud talking on the phone . . . on accident.

UVU was indeed void of most all costume-donning lifeforms by the time we arrived, but we did see some unreal pumpkin-carving action and found FREE CANDY in the halls, so no sorrows there.

Upon realizing that our stomachs were full of only sugar and no nutrients, we took Jared's time-and-a-half Halloween pay as an excuse to buy dinner. What we stumbled upon was the most amazing barbecue I have EVER experienced. Jared had remembered seeing an interesting little place called "Bam Bams BBQ"[stet ;)]. It's at 1708 South State Street in Orem, if you're interested.
We stopped in, and were immediately obsessed. The smells. So great. He got the ribs and I got the pulled pork, and what looked to be enough for leftovers was gone in ten minutes flat. Gash. New birthday dinner place. Also, if you're a potato salad person at all, theirs is hands-down the best. On our way out we helped ourselves to the FREE CANDY lying in heaps every foot or so on the tables and got ready for our next adventure.

I had spent most of the week fake-pouting about how we'd have "nothing to do" on Halloween because newlyweds "have no friends." (I use quotes for those phrases because they're not 100% all-the-time true, but I probably could've removed the quotes because they're 80% most-of-the-time true. Can I get a holla from my other 20% in the crowd--the newlywed homeys?) Turns out that there was plenty to do.

We had grand ideas of gathering a group and going to a haunted house. However, these plans appeared to become null and void when we realized that (a) haunted houses cost cash monay, (b) haunted houses are far away, and (c) there would be no group to be found. But alas, all fell into place when we found a Castle of Chaos ten minutes from our apartment and some KSL VIP tickets for $12. We got on that real fast with our time-and-a-half Halloween pay.

All fell further into place when we made our way through the entry line and were paired with a group of three 17-year-old guys with braces who had signed the waiver agreeing to let the actors touch them. Fifty minutes later we stumbled out, best friends with those scarred boys. It was astonishing how girly their sweet little screams became when those brave souls were shut inside coffins and strapped to operating tables. Castle of Chaos was fo' sho' not a let-down (at least not for the low price we paid).

Even though Jared never found an opportunity to bust out his creepy Slender Man costume, we went to sleep happy, with visions of Christmas swirling into our heads.
(That's what I get for watching Nightmare Before Christmas twice in row.)

Hope your Halloweens were as spontaneous and filled with FREE CANDY as ours were!



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