THAT girl.

I didn't want to be the girl that swamps her blog in a torrential flood of wedding posts, but today I realized that my children will one day love (or not, but so help me they'll tolerate!) reading all the details, and for some reason I mostly stopped journaling when we got engaged. Which is really terribly timing for an avid journaler to fall behind, but it happened.

I'll try to get it all out over the course of the next week or two so that if this topic isn't really your "scene" we can just leave it behind soon enough. But for now, spandex up and get ready to be swimming in talk of pretty dresses, sparkly cakes, water guns, and a face full of flour and flowers.

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  1. Here's the thing. I am hardcore stalking your wedding right now and I am so glad you have it all up here. Because it turns out that wedding, marriage, and a lack of wifi in one's apartment means that blogs are, like 17,000,000 on the list of things to do, and therefore they never get done. BUT I AM LOVING THIS. Also, I too stopped journaling but wrote a huge letter to Shaundra once everything was over, so...I'm printing that and counting it.

    Sorry for the novel comment that was only half relevant.



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