I am blogging on my honeymoon.

Jared and I are having the greatest honeymoon to ever happen, because this is what we have seen whilst in Germany:

-Bare old man bums in the park. Like 500 of them.
-2 dudes making way too much PDA on each others' faces at a high-schooler street party.
-Scary boy with scary dog following us around for a block or two after we walked through said high-schooler street party at midnight.
-A grown man taking off his dress on a cruise down the Rhine as his friends sang German drinking songs in the middle of the day.
-The following sign, as we drove away from our meal at a gas station Burger King:

Also, France is empty now, guys. We went to this huge French city and no one was there. Bastille Day or something. Whatevs. Let's all move to France though--it's so beautiful when you have it to yourself.

And our current hotel in the Swiss Alps is nice until you open the balcony doors and are knocked off your feet by the fresh smell of ultra ripe cow dung. Yum.

It's also nice here because Jared was in charge of choosing the opening song for our Family Home Evening tonight. He chose a song called "PDA."


And this is a picture of my shirtless husband in a field of German wheat. It's normal
And this is his favorite picture. Uh . . .

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