Get your hands dirty.

Looking for a job?

Going to school at BYU?

I know a place.

You all know how I'm like obsessed with my job and stuff. Flower Shop Girl--it's as dreamy as it sounds, in every way.
We are actually in dire need of employees right now, which is rare for us. Turns out that lots of girls at the flower shop think they want to go on missions and graduate and go home for the summer. And get married, also. Noobs.

So moral of the story, the job's basically yours if you're going to be around this spring and summer. Especially if you comment and tell me you're applying. Then I give my boss a good word about you, and you're 100% on the in.

I think the posting's listed on the BYU student employment site. The position says "on-call," but that's just until we can get you all trained, which will take less than a month, I'd say. Then you'll have regular hours.

Or if you don't even want to go look at that site, just bring in a resume with your spring/summer school schedule attached. If you're not taking classes spring/summer, then that's even better!

Happy job hunting! If you know any other girls going to BYU who will be around spring/summer and need a job, let them know. Especially if they're your BFFs. I like to work with peoples' BFFs.


  1. I TOTALLY WANT TO DO THIS. Can I do this even if I know nothing about flowers? I am signed up already for floral design spring term...

    But like really though. I will apply if floral experience is not required.

  2. If they need someone in addition to Alyssa, my sister Kyrstin is looking for a job and has done floral design, but she is only here for spring. If thats ok, text me at 801-376-2630.

  3. Hola! I stink at checking my comments sometimes (oops, sorry). But I've sent Alyssa a Facebook message, and Mallory (or anyone else), you can point anyone to for the listing. I'd say to go ahead and apply even if you'll only be here for spring. I know we've just got a little flood of applicants so it may not be as promising anymore, but give it a shot!



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