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Let's talk food.

Like, always.

This semester, I became a foodie and developed a meal system that's real boss.

We'll get to that later though, because for now I want to tell you about PALEO.

I stumbled across the Paleo lifestyle theory while I was training for my marathon back in July. Lots of runners and Cross Fit-ers follow Paleo because it makes them feel better and run faster. At first I was totally opposed to it because it sounded like "just a diet," and I don't believe in dieting. I do, however, believe in eating healthy as a general rule: whole foods, nothing processed--all those guidelines we know will help us live longer in the long run, but right now that brownie looks real good, so like whatevs.

After I initially brushed the Paleo lifestyle aside, it kept creeping into my Google search  bar as I researched effective marathon training techniques. So, I gave it a closer look and realized that it reflected everything I believe in about eating healthily. See guidelines HERE.
paleo_diet.jpg (400×400)
It's not necessarily that I believe living like a cave person will enhance my overall well-being (cave people are extinct for a reason), but i do believe that our bodies were made to take in food exactly as it comes to us, without processing.  I'm convinced that this causes us to feel better and our bodies function as effectively as possible.

I also love that while this lifestyle limits the types of food I can eat (and honestly, it only eliminates foods that my body doesn't want anyway), it emphasizes eating whenever it feels natural to eat, and as much as I want until my body tells me I'm done. It really is all about understanding natural hunger cues and reaching a point of constant satisfaction.

The initial plan was to give this eating style a trial run up until my marathon and then ease off, but I just felt so good on it that I've chosen to truly make it a life-long choice. I allow myself to cheat for races and field-trips and dates, but when I do I feel awful. My body has become fat-burning rather than carb-burning, and it doesn't handle grains or processed foods well anymore. When I stick strictly to the rules, I'm happier and my pants are looser (I never weigh myself because I'm not on a "diet"), and I'm always satisfied.

This is the way I believe, and this is the way I eat. Expect more updates and ridiculous Paleo recipes in the future now that you done been educated, and feel free to drop me any questions in comment form. I love talking Paleo almost as much as I love talking flowers and awful puns. Almost.

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  1. "cave people are extinct for a reason". . . hmmm wonder where you heard that one ;)



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