Crispy September: Timp

This one time months and months ago, I sort of almost dated a guy. One day we went on a trail run (as I tend to do with sort of almost datable guys?) and used the term "hard-core" about 70 times. Afterwards, I decided it was time to come up with a new and better term. And so "crispy" was born.

i.e. "That bike jump is sooo crispy, dude." or "Did you hear about that crispy man who ran a marathon in his garden shoes? Crispyyyy."

And now that we've discussed that little tidbit that has nothing to do with anything, let's talk about how I did a million crispy (and exhausting) things in September, starting with hiking the Aspen Grove side of Mt. Timpanogos on Labor Day.

Our group consisted of two tall white girls, one of my former Latin Lovers, a very persistent and shorter-than-me ward clerk, and my cute little photographer roommate.

Saray Kay and me. We work out.

Things which were cool: Amazing view, gorgeous hike, refreshing quiet time, the feeling of accomplishment.
Things which were not cool: My muscles after hiking the saddle, wearing uncomfortable skinny jeans, knocking my baby off a cliff.

Taking a picture of my bestie, at eye-level with the clouds.

Stay tuned for more documentation of crispy September adventures!

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