Baby Came Back

I think I stole from the Lost and Found.

Someone please call the Police Beat and report me real fast. This may be my only shot at fame.

So maybe when I took a looksie at the entourage of blue Camelbak bottles, none of them had a jammed mouthpiece quite like mine. However, there was one with a gnawed-on hook above the mouthpiece. I claimed him as my own and washed him three dozen times.

For those of you just following, this sort-of reunion is a big deal.

If the real owner shows up at the Lost and Found and can't find her own baby, she'll just take another too, right? I support adoption and the Circle of Life. This is a combination.

Alright, still feeling guilty. Rationalizing never was my forte.
I'm a straight-up baby snatcher, but it just feels so right.

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