Monday, the Would-Be Punday

1. I delivered a centerpiece to a woman who screamed and nearly stopped breathing because she was so excited. Walking back to the car, I was on such a high from her bizarre reaction that I giggled loudly and shouted hello to a girl sitting 20 yards down the hall whom I'd never seen before. I played it off more smoothly than I should have, considering I still haven't made the Police Beat and would desperately love to be cited for "Suspicious Behavior".

2. I accidentally flashed a street full of giddy spectators (TMI-esque drawing and details forthcoming).

3. I had some extra time (I had a German final I should've been studying for...), so I declared my "new" major. This is a full year after switching over from my math major, which also was never declared. And I maybe only have 20 credits left in the ELang program? Sometimes I procrastinate stuff.

4. My major offers all sorts of perks, like free dates. Free dried dates. My faculty advisor is like really old and like really awesome. Taped to the bag was an inspirational message of the Honors-Program-advertising brand: "Return with Honor." Considering the actual motives of my school and the cheesy word-plays upon which my major is founded, it really should have read: "Return with Dates." I feel an awesome Visiting Teaching handout coming on.
5. A gaggle of 14-year-old EFY boys, led by their popped-colla counselor, screamed at me over a bush that they LOVE my SUPER CUTE skirt!

Smile and wave.

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