Happy Roots

As far as I can tell, dry shampoo is the most simultaneously great and terrible discovery 
since Lord Voldy-thing. I don't know how I've made it 20 years without this dear alabi.
The sanitation police disagree, but that's fine.
If they had their way, I'd wash my produce and bathe regularly.
So in general I don't give much thought to their disapproval anyway.

I'm dangerously tempted to see if I can go 5 days without having to actually do my hair,
but for your sakes I'll try to keep it to 3.

Don't worry, this isn't how it seems;
it just means my shower cap and I are becoming exceptionally good friends.
And also that the man-scarf was non-refundable.


  1. I discovered this right before touring England. It's quite handy, and most of us went for days without wet-washing our hair, which is useful seeing as the English people have small showers and limited hot water. Who cares if it's actually sanitary? ;)

  2. I've thought about trying that. It really works?

    1. Oh yes. It will change your life.



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