Ombre Legs

Solar white on top, delectably brown on bottom. 

This is the result of going outside to study, while wearing pants of a different length each day, and waking up an hour later with a new awkward tan-line and no homework done.

I'm trend-setting. Ombre legs are going to be sooooo in this year, you guys. 

I took a scandilicious picture of my ombre-ness, but I figured you'd like this one better. It's not very effective in illustrating the new trend, but it is highly effective in illustrating my self-timer handicap.

Plus also, it's ok to get mustard and mayonnaise stains on your dress and don them proudly the rest of the day. They're like battle-wounds from a barbecue war-zone, but less noble and more piggy.
. . . and then I looked up and my neighbors were watching me from their back deck.

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  1. You are wonderful. Also, I am getting a Spanish tan. But don't worry, my arms are worse than your legs, I promise, so don't feel too bad about yourself :)



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