Mayonnaise is an instrument, and chocolate is a vegetable.

It's a good day when your best friend comes home from Europe and brings you gorgeous jewelry and gorgeous chocolate.

But mostly it's a good day just because the best friend came home from Europe.

Because now I have someone to go to ritzy art shows with while eating the free hors d'oevres and wearing blue-jeans. Party.

This. Is. America.
Land of the free. Home of the raves. 


  1. Definitely had one of those Kinder bars last week. I think that particular kind is new. Oh, European chocolate. :) I definitely stocked up while I was there.

  2. Is that not the best chocolate bar ever?! I had one a few days ago :)

    P.S. Your nails are totes adorbz.

  3. I like this post! :D You're super presh. :D



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