The Fred for the Win

Remember Freddy? I miss Freddy. I think he's actually going by Fred these days. My little baby's all grown up and saving Columbia. And doing really smart things like this:

That's my boy.

I'm an awful letter-writer. There are too many people I should be keeping up with, so to compensate I just don't keep up with any of them. Don't worry, it makes sense. Nonetheless, I found this in my inbox today from my BFF Fred:


I imagine finals are coming up.  Good luck with them!! I´m sure that you´ll rock them and do great.  Let´s just say however that I don´t envy you at all. :)

-Elder Cannon

Seriously, who remembers stuff like that when they're halfway around the world? If I were out of the country, finals would be the first thing I'd have cast from my mind. 

If you don't have a friend like Freddy, please find one for the sake of your sanity. Too much saneness is never good. There's a Fred for that. 

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  1. Aw, what a keeper! Anyone who's heartless enough to kill nasty bugs and thoughtful enough to send well-wishes for finals week is a right gem.



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