This nail polish has changed my life.
It took less than ten minutes to apply when I was in a rush to ready myself for a dance.
It's real nail polish, but it starts as a sticker that you stick on and trim to fit the nail.
It sets after half an hour, molds to your finger like regular polish, and chips like regular polish.

Mine have stayed on and looked good for over two weeks, and are just now starting to come off.
That means they survived the full four days of Valentines madness.
With top coat and without V-day, they'd survive much longer.

Mine came in a sample box. Normally you have to order each set on the internet for $8-10.
I'm just not a fake plastic nails type of girl, so I would probably make the special order if I were going to a prom, or appearing on national television, or getting married.

Yes, when my wedding day approaches, I'll spend some time browsing the site, Incoco.
I love the "Design Manicure" section. These came from there, and I get stopped and asked about them all the time.
Give it a whirl. It's kind of fun.

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