I attract attractive, dancing foreign men like they're fruit flies and I'm a wrinkly nectarine.

Two weeks ago I was asked to a Valentine's Dance by a guy in my ward.
He's from Argentina, has a fabulous accent, a wonderful smile, and his hips don't lie.
Plus, he's a beautiful human being.

Another guy in the ward had me make some hideous corsages as a joke, and I was the lucky recipient of one:

Unfortunately I'm not interested in dating the beautiful Argentinean (chronic bad breath=deal breaker),
but seriously, Latin men just know how to dance.
Snag one, hit the 'play' on Shakira, and watch them gyrate.

Last weekend I went Country Dancing with my brother and two of his mission companions.
Sure most of the guys there were socially awful and I can't dance to save my life, but that didn't seem to matter.
I was twisted, twirled, knotted, tunneled, dipped, dunked, and even back-flipped.
I think I accidentally kicked more than one cowboy in the face, but it's all in good fun, right?

During one dizzying dance, I apparently hit it off with a gorgeous man from India.
I probably should have given him a fake number (or a roommate's number--haaaa) when he told me he wanted to take me for ice cream and asked for my number, but I'm not that quick-minded.

Too bad he's older and a little sketchy; I probably would have enjoyed a waffle cone while listening to his attractive accent and gazing into his deep brown eyes hidden beneath a mess of dark curly hair.
Instead I'll spend the next month avoiding unknown numbers.
Potential Serial Killers are not to be taken lightly.

Is a normal guy who knows how to country dance really too much to ask for?
Yes Laura, yes it very much is.

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