Last Friday Night*

Blood is gushing everywhere
On the blacktop, feet in air
Finger has a heartbeat - ouch!
Watching Tron upon the couch
Lifetime stores of gauze from mom
Now my finger's going numb
Asian roommate is the bomb.

Last Friday night
Dumpster diving in the dark
Causing bedlam swift as larks
Ordered waffles: caramel, hark!

Last Friday Night
Slammed my finger in the car
Nearly passed out, hardy-har
Waffle tasty, up to par.

Now let's do it all again?
Let's not do that e'er again.

*As a post scriptum, I'm not a fan of this song (Katy Perry or Simpleton rewrite), or the lack of a decent camera in my life. If you stick around 4 months for my birthday, I might be able to upgrade from the webcam. 

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