Bloooog Pooooost

Dottie treated me to a desktop calendar this Christmas. 
I wake up to one of these puppies (I can never determine when these puns are intended anymore) every morning.
Makes my day. Every time. No fail. 

Marie treated me (again with the dang puns!) to a Ziploc bag full of banana dessert pops.
The best part is the prop in the background.

The next best part is the fact that this really is just a frozen banana.
No sugar added, but it tastes like a creamsicle.
I think there are like 80 of these in the freezer at my ex-apartment. I wish I were that cool.

And not "cool" in the sense that my apartment is kept at 64 degrees, although I'm finally almost used to that.
Let's just say the Snuggie and I have been spending some excellent quality time together lately.

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