Moving time

I have a plea for you and your kin.

I'm selling my apartment contract for winter semester. This in no way has anything to do with the condition of the apartment, the roommates, or any other factor outside of my control--it just feels like the right thing for me to do right now (BYU kids are allowed to say that). I'm a little bit terrified just because the situation I'm in right now is so awesome, but I'm going to take a leap of faith.

With that being said, would one of you like to buy my contract? My roommates would like to adopt someone who enjoys a clean kitchen, late night walks to the duck pond, and projector parties in the living room. I have full confidence that each of you fits the bill. If not, do you know anyone in Utah Valley who's looking for a change of scenery? I have five days to sell this thing, all while worrying about finals. For some reason I feel like this might be a good opportunity for someone who has been living at home and just needs a change of pace for the next 4 months. You don't need to be a student at BYU.

-Shared room: $240/month, plus utilities (which run about $8 during the winter)

-3 minute walk to campus

-Roommates? Really clean and really great, but you know that from reading. They're what I'll miss most.

-Dishwasher, stove, internet, the works.

-Awesome, social ward. Even amounts of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, with a few Freshmen thrown in there.

Do you have any questions for me? Know someone interested? Comment or email me:

Who could resist an apartment with such tacky decorations? 
(Don't worry, we keep it classy 11 months of the year. December just isn't one of those months.)

Who could resist apartmentmates with such ability to compromise?

More info and images to be found here and here.

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