Sometimes British guys ask you to pretend to be their girlfriend in church so they can ward off creeps.
I can empathize: last year I had a Home Teacher creep. Nay, a Home Teacher stalker.
The worst variety out there, I'd say.

Sometimes you run into old friends in small, empty public restrooms. 

Scratch that. 

At least twice weekly you may run into old friends in small, empty public restrooms. 
This is problematic. 
If they're on their way in and you're on your way out, you don't want to hold them up; 
who knows what lavatoric issues they might need to deal with? So how do you part? 
If you're me, it's with a, "Well, I'll let you go do your thing. Good to see you!" 

Upon exiting, please place forehead promptly on brick wall. Repeat.

And let's not get into when it's just the 2 of you and she's not done at the mirror . . . 
and you need to go real bad. 
"Well, see you on the flip side, I guess!"

Sometimes you decide to try out a vegan diet with your roommates for a couple weeks.
We have no good reason, except that we're in college and we can.
We must be reckless youths.
I'll let you know how this goes . . . on the flip side. As I wolf down a steak.


  1. that home teacher comment. :)I would be wolfing down a steak too. Good luck with that.

  2. You're not talking about Todd and Turner, are you? If you're dissing them (which I'm preeee-tty sure you're not) I might have to tell you to ... have a big tupperware container of SHUT-IT STEW!!!

  3. Oh, the stories. Karli can back me up on this one Jan: your apartmentmate was a creep. I clearly have all my brain legos. Nonetheless, I probably could use a decent helping of SHUT-IT STEW!!!



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