Punday Monday

Dad: "You just pwn'd us all at Scrabble. This must be because you're the English Language expert."

Laura: "Actually, the only reason I'm in the ELang major is because I'm obsessed with puns. Like, unhealthily obsessed. I love them so much. Whenever somebody makes a pun, even if it's horridly groanworthy or accidental, I go off into some frightening cackle rage. The neighbors are scared of me and the library workers wince when I walk in. I'm embarrassed for myself."

Dad: "Maybe we should call you Ra-PUN-zel!"

I wept openly.

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  1. Well done for standing up for your beliefs. "Jokes about monorails always make good one-liners ..."
    I suggest punoftheday.com. Free e-mail subscription, even.



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