Remember that one time when I had eyebrows?

I suppose I did leave you hanging as to the outcome of my Pre-No-Shave-November eyebrow removal fantasy.

Yes, I still have my eyebrows.
Yes, our living room still has wood paneling.

I'm rather glad I kept the brows, and not just because they're so attractive.
We wound up striking a deal with the competing apartment. 
After threatening to give all our pumpkins to our next-door-neighbors just to make the guys lose, they offered us a collaborative win: combination of pumpkins and shared glory.

We even shook on it. 

Then they went all Benedict Arnold on us. 
They took the pumpkins, the glory, the J-Dawg prize, and proceeded to give a lovely speech about appreciating the opportunity to destroy everyone, and also the opportunity to make new friends for the sole purpose of stabbing said new friends in the back.

I don't think shaving eyebrows or head could have prevented this backstabbage.
It was a tragedy.


  1. Yeah, I'm pretty glad we kept our eyebrows too. I never really appreciated them before, but now I have a new sense of gratitude for those eye toppers.

  2. I agree. You two not having eyebrows, and us sitting on the front row in that fireside, might have earned some interesting looks from those sitting on the stand.



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