Thoughts from a weekend's end

Being single is great.

I spent Friday night watching youtube videos of strange guys belting Christmas songs, and then I sacrificed my hygiene to heist a few pumpkins.
Pumpkin Supply: +1
Laura's Breath: onioned.

I spent Saturday night at an outdoor concert. Then the roommates took glowstick pictures at 10:30 because Marie told her date she had to get home to "do something with her roommates."
Marie: +1
Bedtime: Rulesified.

I spent Sunday night photoshooting and at a Berrie Family devotional, where I was awarded negative 700 Berrie points for asking during the Q&A if the Berrie panel (a men's apartment) enjoyed sitting in a room surrounded by overenthusiastic girls (a dozen or so), and pretending they knew the answers to all of life's deepest questions. This is how I choose to meet new people. Forget classy, I'm a sassy lady.
Friends Supply: +1
Laura: -700.

1 comment

  1. Laura's weekend points:
    +100 for dealing with the onion breath
    +500 for awesome boots & shoes
    +1000 for that "inappropriate" question
    +1000000 for being you
    -1 for diet fat free hot cocoa
    =you're the (former) math major, you figure it out! :)



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