Simpleton Pleasure #9: Innovation

I'm a rebellious soul.

-I wore my hair in the manner of the bushmen on the first day of school.

-I talked my roommate into going without underwear.

-I eat my J-Dawg with jalapenos.

So obviously, I live on the edge.

For some reason I agreed to a double date deep into the forest, complete with a picnic of raw ribs and some treacherous trespassing. 

The guys forgot matches, lighters, and their flint and wool stores.
(and they call themselves Boy Scouts)
Desiring our meat to come out a little less on the rare side . . .

Jumper Cables:

good for starting engines, staving hunger, and sustaining thrown-together dates.

Next time Imma be bringing hairspray, a magnifying glass, and my ant collection. 
So much more reasonable.

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  1. I love that this is what you were doing last night rather than going to sleep.



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