Fine. I'll post.

The Mandatory Punday Monday Facet

Incident 1: 

Laura walks around some department store and exclaims in frustration, "Every time I look for shorts here I come up short!"

Incident 2:

Sarah explains a punny from a date, "Apples--I used to not like them, but we've had trees of them my whole life. I guess they've...grown on me."

Incident 3:

After Jake pulls a woman's stocking out of his jeans pocket, Dottie and I look at him with worry lines etched across our faces. After he then proceeds to offer us some because he has plenty more in his pocket, Dottie says, "That's ok. I'm all...stocked up."

The Less Mandatory Life-Update Facet

Math Major? Annihilated. My mind is not ready to unmask the mysteries of the universe. 

I switched to English Language. They're basically the same thing anyway. What sold me? The explanation that we might as well spell "fish" as "G-H-O-T-I." (gh from "tough," o from "women," ti from "nation") I guess I'll be just like an editor or something.


  1. I feel like a rockstar. And you should too.

  2. While brushing my teeth this morning one of my roommates made a punny. I thought in the spirit of Punday Monday it was more than appropriate to share it.

    Heather (comes out of bathroom in sweats and hoodie): I hate periods! They always cramp my style!



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