You didn't want your next paycheck anyway

There are few things that make me want to go spend triple-digits worth of dollars more than shoes that look like ugly, colorful feet.

Vibram KomodoSports

Peer pressure is wrong to practice and to cave into. This is why when Freddy, the running buddy last year started wearing Vibram Five-Finger shoes, I mostly just ignored them, shoving the shoes into the back of my mind as something a crazy bandwagon-esque runner person might wear.

Then Sarah, the roommate and running buddy for next year had to go buy some. I turned to internet reviews in order to justify my not owning these hideous creatures, but alas, Google let me down and I knew I must break the rule about peer pressure. Since I already caved, I might as well be on practicing end as well.

I've already victimized Jake. You should probably do some research yourself, because nobody on the entire internet has anything bad to say about their fitness experience while wearing these.

I was a skeptic since toe socks make me cringe, but these are amazingly comfortable. I would ditch all my other shoes and wear them to school and church if that were socially appropriate. The more I wear them, the cuter they seem. And I didn't hit the triple digits after all because buying them new off of eBay saved me 25%. [imagine the following said in a black man voice] Money in the Grocery Fund!

Plus, I shaved 30 seconds off my mile while looking like an exceptionally lurpy Hobbit. There's no losing.

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