Dream Job-inated

It might not be a good idea to go up into the mountains, pick a bunch of weeds, and arrange them in a dirty vase.

It may not be a good idea to sign up for a Floral Design class when your major is Mathematics.

It could possibly be a bad idea to make boutonnieres out of leaves you find in your yard. 

Roommate bonding over grease-nasty Chinese take-out and an oriental centerpiece arranged by thine very own super white hands could be iffy. 

It's not always awesome to buy fake flowers from the dollar store, stuff them at random into a block of foam, and call it art.

Or maybe you could do all these things and call them stepping stones to getting hired on starting as a florist (skipping the typical lowly cashier position) at your local Campus Floral shop.

My very first wrap design. What a child.

Or if you'd rather, you could eat Nutella or save lives or any number of activities less sissy than playing with flowers all day. 

Translation: Starting next week, life takes on a new charmed sort of pace as I begin my recently acquired job as a florist on campus. Dream come true up in this piece. Boo. Yah.


  1. Whoa now. Congraaaaaats! How dreamy. And can you say, romantic?

  2. Awwww, that's sooooo great, waesome, wonderful, fantastic!!! Congratulations! :)

  3. stop making me jealous!!! :D



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