I hope you "found" my blog and are reading this, because I am now going to present your backside to the general public all in the name of good planking.

. . . . . . . . .

Hello blorld. I cannot be sure how many of you have been cultured in the art of planking, but it is now time to leave that lazy summer tan on your back deck where it belongs and put on your college clothes.
Yes, you are getting a ejukayshun. 

Planking is a competitive sport as well as an art form; 
kind of like ribbon gymnastics but less gay. 


Good Form, Squire

This is Jake. We plank.
He's real good at planking on treacherous rocks in nature. 
It's pretty neat.

Points are awarded for good form, creativity, and extremeness.

My roommate Sarah challenged me to a plank war. I pray that she doesn't beat me up for linking you to her post to explain this better. Above is a fine example of a young man taking the challenge seriously and making the competition threatening as well as spicy.

Below is an example of some girl who has never planked before.

Silly Head. Literally.

I extend the contest to all of you. This is a good activity and a form of exercise. It will make you buffer, tanner, smarter, and popular. I am sorry, but all of us are significantly lacking in all these departments, so you'd be wise to consider this one.

As an added incentive, if you participate and blog your pictures linking to this post so I can find you (in comment form as well as in the post), I will have an impartial judge award points. Winner winner gets a plank and a dedicatory feature up in this piece. Really. I will carve your face and name into a wooden board and mail it to you, even if you live in Texas. Or Cambodia. Believe me when I say it will be extraordinary. Spread the word if you like.

Deadline: August 3
Be there. Get planking. Entries are not limited. Neither is fun. 


  1. But I don't have a blog to link to...

  2. You can definitely still participate. Just email me your pictures or post them on facebook or something.



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