Jordan Says

I have a new segment for you. It's called "Jordan Says." I imagine it will become a regular appearance around these parts, because the things Jordan says are just really absurd and too thought-provoking to not share.

"Apparently all girls like boys who are nerdy and shy and weird, so I'm going to write a love song that is humble."

{singing in a crazy whispered falsetto with his eyes closed} "You're so beautiful, and you are out of my leeeeague."

Look at his legs. Tell me you can resist this humble nerd. You can't do it.


  1. my oh my. it's jordan haines.
    oh that child. we were best friends in junior high. in fact, now that i know you're his older sister, you and I have met before. lots of times. at partys and such. good times. oh jordan.

  2. Yoooou know this creep? I know yooooou? Sweet. I can deal.

  3. I've had a hard time resisting since childhood. It's true. Until the day he told me my legs were fat. Then I got over his legs. :D

  4. Are you serious? Did he say that? I must apologize in his behalf. Yes I love him to death. Yes he sometimes has a tact problem when speaking to you. I'm working on fixing that. It's not working.

  5. Plus, let's be honest: Your legs are like a size 1, and that makes him mad because his are probably size 0, which is just embarrassing for a guy. Don't worry, I tease him about it often.

  6. teehee. It was when we were really really young. When my legs really were like a size negative. :D It doesn't offend me. I just like bringing it up. :D He probably doesn't even remember.



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