Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park

I know I said there was just going to be one more post of my parents' trip here, but there are so many good pictures of when we took a catamaran to Grenada's underwater sculpture park that I just had to give it a post all to itself. So there will be one more after this one.
On Wednesday morning we drove down to a hotel on Grand Anse beach and met up with some friends and a rad bus that took us to our own personal catamaran tour! It was literally just us and our friends Billy and Tori with two of their cousins. We had a big catamaran all to ourselves with just the tour people. I highly recommend this experience.
 ^^My dad told us to do this, hahaha
This catamaran trip to the sculpture park is also in my top three favorite things to do in Grenada. Mostly I just love chilling on the boat, letting the wind whip my hair back and staring at my beautiful island from the water. The boat in this picture is just some stranded boat that's been there forever, and now it's all rusty and cool looking. To the left of it is Grenada's cute national stadium. Behind it are our island mountains.
^^Do any of you ever look at your husband and think, "What the heck, how is he so gosh darn cute?" This is a thought that I have regularly. Usually when he's making goofy faces like this one, or when he gets all dressed up in his doctor clothes.
 ^^Jared loves clouds so much. And the moon. If I bought him a fancy camera, I'm convinced he would love it. I'm also convinced that he would only take pictures of clouds and the moon. He thought this particular cloud looked like the island Grenada. I don't see it, but it's really pretty!
After about a half hour ride past St. George's city and past a couple bays, we stopped at Flamingo Bay to do some snorkeling. We saw some really big fish and some really colorful fish and a spiny lobster. Our guide was being kind of annoying and wouldn't let us explore. We mostly stayed close to him, but we still saw a lot of cool things! Next we went around the bend to the bay where the underwater sculpture garden is. It was a bit murky this time, but here are a couple pics.
Click here to see some better pictures of the underwater sculpture park. Honestly it doesn't look quite as cool as that in real life. Usually it's a bit dark and murky. And this time of year, not many cool fish. But nice underwater cameras and photo editing make it look incredible. And it is neat! Where else are you going to be able to go snorkeling in deep water and see dozens of huge underwater sculptures beneath you? Probably nowhere. Fish have started to make their homes here, so it's actually really helpful to the marine life in this area. My favorite sculpture is I think called "Nutmeg Princess." It's a woman holding a big nutmeg out in her hands. Nutmegs are of course Grenada's thing (there's a nutmeg on their flag) and I am obsessed with them after living here. The famous section with lots of people holding hands in a circle is really sweet too. There's also a mermaid, a girl praying, a woman with her baby, a guy riding a bike, a student studying at a desk, and lots more. I'm guessing they all portray different aspects of Grenada culture. Jared and I like diving down to the sculptures to get a better look at them.
The boat ride back is the best! They feed you tuna sandwiches, which sounds cheap, but they're super good. I don't know if it's because all the snorkeling works up a serious appetite, or if it's because they use fresh tuna. Oh, and you're probably wondering what's up with the gold headband. It's for some pics I took for my new website.
 ^^Snorkel mask mark selfie!
This is "The Carenage." It's essentially the waterfront of Grenada's main city (St. George's). Lots of cargo ships dock here to unload everything shipped to the island. The buildings are all so cute and picturesque! So anyway, that was our morning snorkeling at the underwater sculpture park. I've done this three or four times, and I hope we'll be able to make it back to do it again someday! 20 years in the future probably. When we've finally made our way out of our student debt :|

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