20 Flights

During my first 20 years of life I had only ever been on 2 flights: one flight from SLC to Boston for a family reunion, and another flight from Boston back to SLC.

So I thought it was ironic when I realized that during the last 2 years of my life I have been on exactly 20 flights. And you know how I love irony, so naturally I'm here to record it. I've probably told you this before, but the first time I met Jared's dad, he gave me a big bear hug and said, "Do you have your passport? Because we are a flying family, and we like to travel." He was right that I'd need a passport! Jared always used to say that he wanted to show me the world, and well, we're off to a flying start (pun intended). First he took me to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria for our honeymoon. Then a year later he took me to live on a tropical island.

When I say there were 20 flights between our first flight to Grenada and our last flight out of Grenada, I'm not talking 20 legs of flights (there were probably 50 of those). I'm talking 20 flights from takeoff to final destination. And 7 were done by myself. So this probably won't be interesting to many of you, but I want to list each of those flights to remember in the future and give myself a pat on the back for doing hard things!
Flight 1: August 2014. Moving to Grenada. SLC -> Grenada (GND)
Flight 2: October 2014. Solo flight to do Disneyworld with the in-laws! GND -> Orlando
Flight 3: November 2014. Solo flight back to Jared. Orlando -> GND
Flight 4: December 2014. Christmas with my family. GND -> SLC
Flight 5: December 2014. New Year's Eve with Lamberts. SLC -> Seattle (SEA)
Flight 6: January 2015. Back to Utah to finish Christmas break. SEA -> SLC
Flight 7: January 2015. Begin term 2 in Grenada. SLC -> GND
Flight 8: May 2015. Summer break in Utah. GND -> SLC
Flight 9: June 2015. Miss our connecting flight to Grenada by 3 minutes. SLC -> Miami
Flight 10: June 2015. Spend the night in Miami, then go through St. Lucia to GND. MIA -> GND
Flight 11: October 2015. Solo trip to watch Will in WA while his mom was in Italy. GND -> SEA
Flight 12: October 2015. Solo flight to Utah for a week with family. SEA -> SLC
Flight 13: November 2015. Solo flight back to Jared! SLC -> GND
Flight 14: December 2015. Christmas with the Lamberts. GND -> SEA
Flight 15: December 2015. Quick solo trip to Utah to see best friend married. SEA -> SLC
Flight 16: December 2015. Solo trip back to WA to finish off Christmas break. SLC -> SEA
Flight 17: January 2016. Begin term 5 in Grenada. SEA -> GND
Flight 18: March 2016. Quick trip to Utah for my brother's wedding. GND -> SLC
Flight 19: March 2016. Back to Grenada to finish off our last 2 months! SLC -> GND
Flight 20: May 2016. Move back to America!! GND -> SLC

I'm not going to claim that this is like a record-shattering number of flights or anything. Jared's mom probably does this many flights in a one-year period, and I follow lifestyle and travel bloggers who I swear are flying every week. But it was a lot for me, and now we've got a good system going. I've always seen Jared as a professional-level travel buddy, but after this lineup I feel like I've finally got the system figured out too. There's always a glitch or two when traveling internationally (see last post), but otherwise we've found a smooth airport routine. Here's to seeing many more cool places in the future! And hopefully not having to pack everything we own with us while we do it ;)


  1. YOU ARE SO COOL! It's my dream to travel a lot. Maybe if I get into that school in Denver you could meet me there and we could do a little girls trip while I check out the area!

    1. Hooooly it's been half a month since I checked my own blog! Haha, delayed response here. I would love to check out Denver!! I saw your post on Facebook about doing a road trip there from Utah in July and I'm so sad because we'll be on vacation with Jared's family then so I won't be able to join your party :( But take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously! Also if you end up moving there, I'll probably come visit sometime because I neeeed to explore Colorado. Also, I will be sad if we end up moving to NYC for the next two years just as you move to Denver.

    2. Just commented on your FB status about Denver because I'm holding on to this little glimmer of hope that it'll work out that I can come after all.



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