Whoa! Holy bright post!

Grenada's sunsets are usually soft, pink, and short-lived. Once the sun starts setting, it goes fast. Golden hour lasts all of maybe 25 minutes. Although I do miss longer sunsets and days filled with indirect sunlight, the quickness of it all here makes the brief bit before the sun disappears all the sweeter. Jared and I try to get a little walk in most evenings if his class schedule will allow it, and sometimes he'll even let me snap a few pictures. Jared hates photoshoots, and although he supports my hobbies, one of which is taking pictures, he still hates photoshoots.

On this particular evening, we got a 10-minute sun shower. The rain sprinkled down, but the sun stayed out. This type of weather makes for the most gorgeous sunsets. They're deep and they're orange and I wish they'd stay forever.

p.s. Just updated the "about" page, so if that's your favorite part of reading blogs like it is mine, then go ahead and have at it!


  1. Oh man, I have such a thing for sunsets, and these pics are KILLIN IT. That last one makes me tear up a little bit (not sarcasm).

    And I totally agree about "About" pages! Except I refuse to make one because I am too intimidated... I enjoyed reading yours!

  2. GORGEOUS!! And love the new about section. They are always the first thing I read when I find a new blog!!



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