Island Style Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day was a good'n. Holidays here are so chill! I guess that makes sense since we live on an island and islands are famous for their chill vibes. It's not like in America where you're hit in the face with V-Day spirit in every store beginning January 12. You could totally miss it here if you didn't check up on your social media feeds. In some ways it's really nice. In other ways, I'm stoked to be able to get dressed up and go out on the town and decorate for holidays next year. Missing my curling iron something fierce right about now. (But not missing my ice scraper, so we good.)

For Valentine's Day this year we went to church and did all the regular Sunday stuff, and then we went for a nice long walk. I taught Jared about ISO and shutter speed (I'll teach him aperture next time), and we took pictures of all the pink and red things. And Jared wore his pjs. He's awesome.

Once home from our walk, Jared made me a delicious dinner of chicken and red potatoes. "Wow, cooking is so relaxing!" he said, noting that he hadn't cooked a fresh, hot meal since before medical school. (He does cook me breakfast and do the dishes often though.) I made dessert, which involved sending Jared away while I took my sweet time getting a store-bought slice of chocolate pie out of the freezer and putting it on a non-paper plate. It's the little things.

Then we watched a full-length chick flick and Jared didn't even bust out his flash card stash once! That there is true love, people. It's been a while since we've been able to just sit down and watch a movie together without one of us trying to multitask. We extended our celebration the next day when I made the most fantastic (and easy) (and gluttonous) homemade macaroni and cheese and we watched the "Galentine's Day" episode of Parks and Rec.

Well, I'm off to see the finale of The Great British Bake Off on Netflix. Have any of you been watching that show?? I am obsessed, and I don't even like to bake! It's so calming, yet so captivating. How do those Brits do it?


  1. YEEEESSSSS GBBO!!!! I'm so happy I hooked you :)

  2. Not trying to hook you or anything - you may not even like it but - I am hooked on a sweet little quiet Scottish series on Netflix called Monarch of the Glen.

  3. I actually am in need of a new show! I'm working on putting my blog into book form, and it's this long, drawn-out formatting process that's only doable if I have a show on in the background. Thanks for the recommendation!



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