Seattle Lunch Date

^^Fresh mini donuts from Pike Place Market in Seattle! Soooo good! I would reccomend this to anyone. Get a half-dozen assorted.
^^This cute little chocolate donut with sprinkles.

On our last day in Washington, Jared took me for a little date in Seattle. Mostly we just walked around and explored, but we also got some amazing clam chowder in bread bowls at Pike Place. Jared also got a tuna fish sandwich that was, like, fresh outta the ocean. Our eyes got all huge after our first bites because never have we ever tasted such sublime tuna in all our lives. Afterward we checked out the fresh new gum wall (the old one was torn down because the sugar from the gum was eating away at the bricks or something), grabbed some mini donuts, and went to explore the Seattle public library. We spent most of our time in the children's books section. I love our dates.

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