Dry Season is King

Now that we've reached January, it's dry season in Grenada. Basically it feels like we live in a completely different country than we did two months ago. The wet season (June-December) is hard because it's so hot and humid that you really don't even want to go outside, and meanwhile everyone back home is posting pictures of the perfect autumn weather they've been having. But dry season more than makes up for that. I'm prettttty happy to be living in a breezy 80 degrees Fahrenheit while the rest of you hide from your gray snow and black ice. We'll be right there with you next winter, so I'm enjoying this while I can.

My favorite perk of the nice weather is that it's come during a relatively nice term for Jared. We spent Saturday boogie boarding at La Sagesse beach, and we've gotten out of the house together every evening this week. Monday we read on the veranda, Tuesday we walked to the surf spot around the corner to watch the sunset, Wednesday we had a picnic on a bench overlooking the crab field, and tonight we found a new quiet spot called "quarantine point" where we ate KFC and made friends with a Grenadian man named Sylvan. He just got back from visiting his Swedish girlfriend in, well, Sweden, and he was wearing a "Lake Tahoe" shirt. The people here (including me) seem more friendly in the dry season too. It's good that it's good to be back.

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