Things I Did Today

(Written yesterday, December 7)
Edited Papers

Did a happy dance when Jared returned from taking his last final

Watched an episode of "Fixer Upper"

Went on a man hunt (a sweet woman who lives around the corner form us was hit by a car and then kidnapped on Sunday...please pray for Linnea and her family)

Explored the island while hanging up missing person fliers

Drove down a sketchy, bouldery dirt road, on which we spotted the most adorable tiny puppies and baby lambs

Saw two stingrays and a blue octopus on our evening walk

Got pizza with good friends

Looked up at the stars in an infinite pool as giant bats swooped over the water

Felt bittersweet about having only five more months of this place
p.s. More posts to come...eventually. I have tons of pictures to put into posts, but haven't had the time. We're excited to be flying to Washington tomorrow. I promise to fill my down time there over the next few weeks with at least a post or two.

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