Study Break + Matching Shirts

We are looooving our Christmas break over here with Jared's family. Last night we hung ornaments on the tree, this morning Jared and I went for a gorgeous hour-long walk through a quiet preserve filled with hundreds of moss-covered trees, and tonight we'll all be decorating gingerbread houses together. Throw in our adorable 19-month-old niece, and we're in heaven.

These pictures are from the middle of Jared's most stressful finals week yet. We took a break one day to drive to Egmont (a really nice neighborhood in Grenada that's kind of a long drive from our house, but is fun to explore). We walked along the beach and ate peanut butter sandwiches and picked out the cutest conch shells from a giant pile of 'em. Those study breaks are life in med school. You can only do so much of this before your eyeballs fall out of their sockets and your brain 'splodes:

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  1. uh YUM. These pics are dreeeeeeeamy. That selfie of you two is particularly adorable. Happy Christmas to you, and have fun with the fam!



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