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One of my favorite things about living in Grenada will always be the abundance of amazing fresh fruit. While the prices on imported items at the grocery store sometimes make me cry, I can always count on the Wednesday Market or the L'Ance Aux Epines (our village--we live in a village!) fruit-stand man to give me a bag full of produce goodies for a dollar or two.

The fruit in the above pictures is called a French Cashew--or at least it's called that in Grenada. They just recently came into season, and let me tell ya, they are hands down my new favorite exotic fruit. On the outside they look similar to an apple, but the inside is white and fleshy and has the texture of a pear. The best part is the taste. The French Cashew, no joke, has the flavor of a delicious rose. That's the consensus that Jared and I came to, at least. No, it does not taste like perfume. Yes, it is probably a direct descendant of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. I hope you all get to try it at some point in your life!
This is a mini grapefruit. It has the appearance, texture, and flavor of a grapefruit, but mini-er. That's really all I have to say about that. I just had to post a picture because anything in mini form is adorable. Also, I feel really cool when I eat these with a tiny spoon. When I cut this grapefruit open this afternoon, I wasn't really in the mood to eat it, so instead I squeezed the juice into my mini blender (because why break with the mini trend now?), tossed in a few dark cherries and frozen peach slices, poured in a slosh of orange juice and a cup of water, and blended it into a seriously amazing smoothie. Grenada smoothies = heaven. Sometimes I have three a day. And then my digestive tract is like, "But why?" And my stomach is like, "Just because. You'll get over it." And the world keeps spinning on.


  1. this fruit looks TO DIE FOR - give me a cashew right now!

  2. MINI ALWAYS WINS. I'm into mini (dwarf) goats right now. But those fruits look seriously decadent. YUMMAAAA

  3. Also, those might actually be cashew fruit for legit (like related to the cashew "nut"). Derek had them in Mozambique all the time. If you google them you can see there's a dangly green thing that hangs off the bottom of the fruit that actually encases the seed—what we call the cashew nut. Anyway, all this to say that I wonder if it's a legitamento cashew fruit...?

  4. haha you're so right about the mini things. awe i wish we had those fruits here! one of these days i'm going to do a fruit of the month hahaha.

  5. Mini things are adorable. My cousins and I go on and on about how much we love adorable mini things. My cousin Lizzy would die if she had one of these, because she loves miniature things that much. That French Cashew looks delicious. I actually really like rose flavored things. Have you ever had a rose macaroon? They are the bomb diggity. (I am in 6th grade again). I'm glad things seem okay. After the last post, I was afraid your next post was going to be called "1000 reasons to never live in Grenada." But good news!



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