A Happy List 2: Animal Edition

Non-soggy Oreos (after opening a package of Oreos here, there's a ticking time-bomb of 24 hours before they start to go nasty soft) ||| Going for a hike and seeing no one but a dead-looking Grenadian man napping on the beach/in the ocean ||| Finding three insanely adorable baby goats in the wild, bleating and clamoring over each other to see us (we tried to lure them to us with bread, but after we snapped a picture they went running for their mom) ||| The shy boy I teach in seminary giving me a creepy slow wink during my lesson (Grenadian men are wink happy, and it sometimes gives me the heebie jeebies) ||| Parentheses (can't stop) ||| My giant brother Jordan getting home from his mission and Skyping me every day to talk about life ||| Getting chewed out by my cleaning lady, amazing 70-year-old Yvonne, every week for buying the wrong brands of cleaning supplies ||| This pear smoothie ||| Jared choosing "start writing our books" for our FHE activity ||| Iguana I-Spy with binoculars every morning as I eat breakfast on our veranda. See if you can spy them! In the following picture, there are three iguanas hiding in the trees. You'll probably have to click on the picture and zoom in to spot them. In the final picture there are four of them. I circled those for you so you'll believe me.

This month I'm trying this thing where I try not to interact with the internet all that much. In this life I'm living, it would be really easy for me to sleep in, then pull up my computer, read a million blogs, check my Instagram feed, watch half a dozen shows on Netflix, scroll through Pinterest, and repeat all day long. And believe me, I have done that before! I know, some of you think that sounds awesome, but after months upon months of having completely unstructured days, it's actually the worst. One of my best friends and former roommates, Sarah Kay, did this thing with her family where one month out of the year they all went without electronics. No Facebook, no TV, no browsing YouTube for videos of baby sloths, nothing. Except for things they needed to do for school and work, of course. I'm not going to be quite that strict with myself. I'll keep writing blog posts, but maybe I'll turn off comments, and I won't read others' blog posts. I'll keep browsing Pinterest for recipes, but I won't check it every day. I have to keep checking Facebook (my least favorite social media) for messages from branch members, but I won't scroll through my feed. And I'm going to try really hard to plan out my days and stick to the plan! Join me if you'd like. It's only been three days so far, but I feel lighter already.


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