Mr. & Mrs. Lambert go to Washington

We are so happy Jared's parents invited us to visit them in Washington for a few days during our Christmas break!

Can you even believe that delicious baby? That little one made me Aunt Laura. She loves when Jared gives her raspberries on her tummy and she smiles big the second you point a camera at her. It's the best.

It's really nice to have a sweet second family. And sisters! My brothers don't talk to me, unless it's about bodily noises or how hot Taylor Swift is (and an array of other male topics). So the girl talk I get in Washington is refreshing.

Also refreshing--those trees! The whole atmosphere of that part of Washington immediately clears my head and makes me want to do something important, like go for a 20-mile bike ride or write a book. I'll let you know how that goes for me in the future. Spoiler: it probably won't.

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