Study Break

Jared attended his last class of the term two days ago, and his final anatomy lab was yesterday. So for the next week, he is free to chill out at home and study for finals from dawn until dusk. Except, dusk hits at 5:30 here, so actually he studies from dawn until 10:00ish. This is awesome for me, because I get to see him all the time! This is also a bummer for me, because I am not allowed to distract him when he is in the zone. Aka, I can't watch Hallmark Christmas specials or old episodes of Downton Abbey (don't judge!) that are airing on Grenadian Netflix (I don't have a laptop, so I can't just lounge back and pop some earbuds in). In place of those activities, I have opted to work more and read the book Unbroken (go read it!), so it's working out.

Anyway, there comes a point each day, usually as evening approaches, when I can tell that Jared is slowing down and, if I play my cards right, I can talk him into a break. Two days ago, that resulted in Jared introducing my to the movie Jaws for the first time. Maybe not the very best movie choice for an island liver, but you know, it's fine. Yesterday I got him to break for 2-for-1 movie night at the Excel Plaza. We met up with some friends (all ladies--they were like, "Wait, you got your husband to come here how?") and watched Mockingjay while gorging ourselves on the inexpensive and delicious popcorn. Today I ordered him into our car (Oh! We got a car! Post to come, probably.) and took him to the Lance Aux Epines tide pools. I don't know when the ideal time to hit the tide pools iswe've never actually seen any sea life besides black crabs therebut it's a refreshing and beautiful place.

Walking back to the car after our lovely study break, we saw a family of giant, creepy, yet strangely beautiful black-and-white spiders resting between some cacti.
Soon after, a swarm of black birds flew out at us out of nowhere! It was crazy! I wish I had turned my camera on, but I was busy ducking down so they wouldn't hit me in the face, and they just kept coming for like 15 seconds straight. I've never seen birds behave like that, but it was really cool!

Jared, who thinks the sky is the most beautiful thing to look at  (besides me, probably), couldn't help but capture the pink clouds beneath the full moon, all above that adorable blue island home. That guy would probably be an awesome nature photographer if he could ever find the time for it. Study breaks for the win!


  1. ooh, I love these pictures so much! We all love the occasional study break :-)

  2. awe how pretty is that blue house. also tide pools look amazzzzzzzing.

  3. Aww glad you're getting to spend a bit more time with him lately :)

  4. Love the picture of your house!!!!
    And kudos for the finagling that study break to those amazing tide pools!

  5. "besides me, probably." -I loved this line. SO MUCH.

    Those spiders made my skin crawl. You are fearless. I'm glad Jared's school is winding down. You will have to make up for an entire semester of winter break. I recommend a gratuitous amount of snuggling, and forcing him to do all the things you want to do. (Also take so many naps.) I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU FOR REALSIES!!!

  6. so beautiful! and i LOVE unbroken! so glad i found your blog!!

  7. unbroken is the most amazing book, i can't believe that it's a true story! & i'm soo excited for the movie. also, you're study break location looks amazing!

  8. Unbroken may be one of my all time favorite books ever. I can't wait for the movie. Good luck to your husband with his finals and enjoy his break!

  9. These photos are so beautiful! (except for the spiders! lol)
    I found your blog from the link in Emily's happy lists, and I just want to say that
    you're blog is so lovely, keep up the good work.



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