Minor Setbacks are My Fave

Earlier this week when I went outside to hang some clothes on the line to dry, I was met with a piece of paper, folded in half and tucked into a hot pink clothes pin. It was a notice from Grenada Electricity Services Limited, announcing that the power would be out on Thursday 9th October from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. It's a tribute to the patience I have learned in Grenada that instead of moaning when I read said notice, I fist pumped because they had let us know a full two days ahead of time instead of letting it be a surprise like it usually is! We were prepared to leave the house when everything shut off and not come back until the evening.

When the computer went down at 8:50 sharp (the equivalent of 8:30 in island time), our apartment got blazing hot in ten seconds flat and we high-tailed it to Jared's blessed air-conditioned campus. Jared memorized every anatomical structure in the entire human body while I pinned every fishtail braid on my entire Pinterest feed. By the time I had pinned every braid in existence, Jared still hadn't memorized even half of his anatomical structures (not that it's a contest or anything, buuuut I totally kicked his trash). At that point I was feeling so high on life and so low on ideas for things to do in the library that we went and got victory hot dogs from the campus hot dog stand man. A paradise lunch at its finest. I relished it so much. (<<< nailed it!)

At this point I had the epiphany that a cancerous amount of hours spent at the university club pool would be the only way to fill the rest of my day. So off I went. Five hours and three strange tan lines later, I went home to shower and wait for the power to return. Jared came home around 5:20 (the equivalent of 5:00 in island time) and the power was nowhere to be found. We didn't want to open the fridge because we knew the food inside was already struggling for survival, so I said, "I have the smartest idea. Let's go back to the pool and split a kid's meal for dinner!" (No promises that we will ever grow out of kids' meals. Or cartoons. Or gummy vitamins. Or "truth or dare.")

So we put on our swimsuits and hopped on a bus. The driver was speeding like he had a death wish and he almost killed a few roadside goats, but we made it safely to the pool just in time for an unreal sunset. We didn't swim, but we did share a fancy drink (lemon-lime with bitters) (actually just Sprite with ginger ale with cranberry juice) and split a delightful meal of chicken tenders, fries, and watermelon. Then we blew bubbles and had a cannon-ball contest. Just kidding. Then we sat real close and watched the sun set into the ocean. It really felt like we were on a honeymoon, at least until the mosquito sprayers came around with repellent smokers and gas masks. But really, tonight I am thankful for prolonged power outages. It made for the loveliest evening with the handsomest dude.
p.s. After three sun-filled days in a row, my hair is turning blonde! I'm actually feeling really okay about this. I also have a really obnoxious sunglasses tan line. Considering how much fun I've been having though and how little appearances matter here, I'm not even bothered.


  1. Haha, I love your comparison of memorizing anatomy terms to pinning fishtail braids. Totally equivalent in my book. Relish puns are always necessary. And your evening sounds like something from The Bachelor. Winning!

  2. Sounds like you are having the time of your life!

  3. Relish puns for the win. I love your explanation of the fancy island drink. (Virgin alcoholic drinks sound hilarious when you explain it's pretty much just soda and juice. Because honestly, without the liquor that's basically what it is!) Remember how you said you were living vicariously through me as I move into my house? I'm living my island paradise dream through you.

  4. ok i can't even get over how obsessed i am with your life. i can't not comment on every one of these posts so sorry in advance lol



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