A's for Days

I just have to brag about mah husband for a sec, because med school is our life and he is rockin' it.
(But first, please appreciate his cute long-sleeve plaid button-up shirt. It may be a trillion humid degrees for me all day, but he gets to escape to freezing campus buildings. Lucky.)

Jared's first big exam was on Monday. All 800 first-termers crammed into the SGU testing center and showed their stuff on the Unified Test. I had been warned by upper term wives that half of the students get failing grades on their Unifieds, and that it's designed to scare them into studying harder.

I told Jared this so he wouldn't be devastated if he didn't get the scores he wanted, but he shrugged it off and was like, "I want to get all A's." And he studied all day and night to prove it.

Well, test day came and I met him outside at the end of it so we could get a head start on the beach.
 (Students take advantage of test days as their only afternoons to relax and really enjoy the island.) 
I found Jared outside, huddled in a circle with some distressed-looking school friends.

"How'd it go?" I asked him.
"It was so easy," he whispered into my ear. "But don't say anything."

I stifled a laugh, and we hopped into a little car with all his friends to enjoy an afternoon at the beach.
The beach was deserted, except for an older couple who were getting married a little ways down. So romantic! It was a small wedding, and we cheered for them from the water after they became husband and wife. They looked like the happiest people in the world.

For lunch, we all walked to a little restaurant called La Luna. It's part of a resort on the beach with great Caribbean ambiance and a fantastic breeze. Consistent with the slower pace of Grenada, it took two hours to order, eat, and get our checks, but it was perfect. No one was about to complain about two hours with an ocean view, a breeze, and our husbands' full attentions. 
Couples, Front to Back: Tori and Billy Strong, Tessa and Zach Wadsworth, Laura and Jared Lambert, Laina and Tim Blackner, Kayla and Evan Rogler
Our friends here are the funnest people. On the way down to the beach, eight of us hopped into one tiny island car. Six sat in the car, and two sat on the car, holding tight as they balanced on the trunk. There are no traffic laws here so it wasn't a problem, but the roads are terrible and the drivers are crazy so it's important to hold on tight. We had a great afternoon together, talking and snorkeling and attempting to do headstands on the beach.

When we got home that evening, Jared checked online for his test scores. And wouldn't you know it, he got two A's and one B! If that's not impressive enough, the class averages were in the mid 60%s for one section and low 70%s for the other two sections. We were all smiles! To celebrate, we went grocery shopping together (can't stop this party train) and ate cinnamon rolls for dinner. We're still working on living a "healthy lifestyle."

I'm so proud of Jared! This test only motivated him to study harder, so now I only get to talk to him for a few minutes at dinner and before bed each day, but I know he's doing it for us. I'm glad he's pullin' enough weight for us both, because I've taken to spending my days in minimal clothing, watching kid cartoons and practicing braids in bed. This is one glam life we're leading.


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!! Congratulations Jared!! You rock!! Way to go!!!!!
    I'm so glad you two had a fun day together. And I love the pictures!! :)

    Laura says "Who ever this is needs to stahp!"

    ---------You will never find out who this is-----------


      You'll be happy to know that we stream an episode of Regular Show every night before bed. We found a website where we can see all of them and it's not even illegal here. Season 5, here we come!

  3. Wow that sounds like a perfect day! I love that feeling of relief after a test is over - especially if I think I did well. And then a perfect day at the beach to top it off, you can't beat that.

    1. So true! But glad I'm not the one taking test anymore ;)

  4. GO JARED!!!! I'm glad you got a whole day with your husband!!!!



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