Summer, Fall, Winter

Man alive, I'm convinced that internet and air conditioning are the two greatest inventions of this era.

I followed this doctor man to school today so I could get a rare taste of both:
I might sit in this library all day, even though I'm so not qualified to be here.

Grenada has been a roller coaster so far.

The mangoes, beaches, and tropical thunderstorms have been unbeatable.

The mosquito bites, power surges, and loss of husband to school . . . I could do without.

A couple nights ago after our desktop computer got fried and we were feeling especially homesick, we turned out the lights, turned on the AC, lit up our favorite fall candle (Leaves by Bath & Body Works), and listened to the rain fall, pretending like it was autumn here. 

The next day we were working our way through some last morsels of homesickness, so when Jared got home from orientation meetings we hopped on a bus and got some KFC for dinner (the KFC here is waaaay better than it is in the states . . . and I always liked KFC in the states). Afterwards, we came home and watched my favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone, on Jared's laptop. We've been just burning through all seasons over here. I'll probably hide eggs this Sunday.

I'm needy, so the next night we watched the same movie again, accompanied by a lovely freezer pizza just for us.
Don't dis the freezer pizza. Anything that doesn't require kitchen prep is a miracle over here. PB&J every lunch? Snickers for dinner? I'm all over that.

The longer we're here though, and the more I get used to maneuvering the streets of this third world country, the more we like it. Things are going to be great.

Oh, and here's a happy picture of me with a puppy on our last day in the states. My aunt and uncle breed these Golden Doodles, and they are just the most precious things. This picture's for you, Dottie.


  1. Such a crazy change! I hope the adjustments get easier soon :)

  2. wow! what a life you are living! haha, that's awesome that you have that much passion for home alone. I support it.

  3. Oh my goodness even before I read that last line I was like "I neeeeed one!" I am honored (:

    Also I somewhat get what you're feeling on the homesickness front. My first month in Spain was absolutely magical and then I suddenly missed everything about the USA, from ice water to actual carpet in houses. It doesn't make it easier, but we're all rooting for you. Maybe listen to some Ke$ha. And watch home alone every night if you need to (: (I may or may not have watched more American movies in Spain than Spanish tv... cause futbol just ain't my thang)

    1. Girl, you saved my life the other day. I was like, "Ya! Imma blast some Ke$ha!" And next thing I knew I was whippin up smoothies while listening to horrible American jams and it was the best. And actual carpet? SERIOUSLY. I never realized how miraculous the stuff is. I promise I'm not demanding, I just want some nice rugs or something, because all this tile is just too much. Maybe in a year I'll love it.

    2. My new life mantra is "do whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself and feel comfortable." Learn it, live it, love it.

    3. My new life mantra is "do what you need to to feel good about yourself and comfortable. " Learn it, live it, love it.

  4. Aside from "mosquito bites, power surges, and loss of husband to school," it is nice to read things are going well. I am sure it will all get better. As much as I love summer, I would be miss fall too. I hope everything gets easier for you =) I can't wait to read more about your adventure!



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