An Island Home

We have been spending all our free hours over here trying to find a place to live in Grenada (because, oops, we move there in a month and we've only just started thinking about this).

There are about ten different places we're considering and gathering information on, but here is a sampling of some of the more photogenic places we may be living in for the next few years. Feel free to cast your vote.

This first place is my favorite. It looks like an island palaceapartment complex style. The inside is pretty spacious as well, as far as apartments go.
The next option is awesome because I'm pretty sure we'd feel like we were living in a jungle sunset all the time. Maybe we'd get migraines and maybe Jared would feel emasculated by the pink bedroom, but come on people! Jungle sunset!
This next apartment isn't all that special, except that the bathroom is like Alice in Wonderland. Fun fact: Jared loves Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Enough that we'll probably name our first daughter Alice (not a joke). And also enough that we would buy an apartment exclusively  based on the fact that one room looks like it came out of the place (maybe a joke).
This last venue is Jared's favorite. And actually, I'd say it's tied for my favorite too. It feels extremely cozy and cabiny. It's a little hut that we'd have all to ourselves in a nice, quiet neighborhood. Also, it's extremely close to Jared's school campus, so I'd get a few extra minutes with him every day. Three cheers for that. And the view . . .
. . . the view is incredible! Did I mention that this tropical cabin hut is on the beach?? The following view is from the front porch. Oh hey there Grenada  beach, I think I'll read on you every day because you're in my front lawn.
I'm feeling pretty good about going to live on a third-world tropical island all of a sudden. 

And great news: all of these homes have two bedrooms, so you all must come visit!


  1. That last one is adorable and I would die to care for those plants. Finding a house is beastly, but it looks like it might be more fun in a tropical location? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. I would totally do the last one. Privacy and no awkward wall noises. Also quiet foe whwn he studies. And it just LOOKS awesome

  3. I would HAVE to come visit you guys. Grenada beach. Wow. And how funny would it be that the first time we meet is in the Caribbean? Hahahah.

  4. Oh wow!! They all look so beautiful, I don't think y'all can go wrong on any of the options. Have a safe move!

  5. Oh My Goodness! Full of jealousy right now- I would live in my swimsuit!! Honestly- those all look dreamy :)



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